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Glen Chimney Autoclean
Kutchina Vega-Available in 60, 75 and 90cm
Brand : blaupunkt
kutchina I clean Chimney-Angelo 75
Kutchina Florentine 60cm Chimney

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Autoclean chimney Glen Chimney Kitchen Chimneys

Glen Chimneys in Hyderabad | Kukatpally

Glen Chimneys in Hyderabad | Kukatpally

Glen Chimney hyderabad
Ch 6074 Glen Chimney

First time in India, Glen Introducing Heat Auto Clean Chimney with BLDC motor model 6074 is available in 60/75/90 cm sizes with 10 variable speeds and suction capacity of 1400m3/h

Features of 6074 Auto clean Chimney with BLDC Motor:

Low noise level: lesser noise ensures a calm environment for more focus and enjoyable cooking experience.

Motion Sensor Touch controls: The intelligent touch controls with gesture control, so just movement of the hand and the chimney operates.

The high suction 1400m3/h: With powerful suction, the smoke & oil particles gets sucked out immediately and the kitchen environment remains free of smoke and grime.

Filter less technology: With next generation heat auto clean technology, the absence of filters ensure higher airflow and lower maintenance.

Oil collector tray: the stainless steel oil collector tray collects the grease & oil particles and ensures hassle free cleanup.

LED Lamps: to provide ample lighting to the cooking area, this chimney come with powerful LED lamps for convenient cooking.

Keeping Kitchen Fresh: It has a feature where if you switch on this system then the chimney runs on the lowest speed with almost no noise and the kitchen remains fresh always.

Turbo Exhaust: The chimney also has a provision that when put on this mode the chimney will run on the highest speed and in case of any blockage in the system the same will be removed.

Heat Auto Clean: The chimney comes with heat auto clean technology with controlled temperature which heats the housing and melts the deposited oil so that it drips down to the oil collector. Cleans the chimney.

6074 Glen Chimney

Other Autoclean models from Glen

Glen Auto Clean Chimney 6061 AC 60cm 1200 Touch sensor control
Glen Auto Clean Chimney 6066 BL AC 60cm Baffle filters (Black)
Glen 6073 MS Vertical Glass Filter Less Auto Clean Chimney with Motion Sensor 90cm 1400 m3h (BLDC Motor)
Glen Chimney 6074
Autoclean chimney Blaupunkt Built in oven Hobs Kitchen Chimneys

Blaupunkt appliances in Hyderabad

Autoclean chimney Hobtop I clean chimney Kitchen Chimneys

I clean chimneys from Kutchina | Intelligent auto clean chimneys

I clean chimneys from Kutchina | Intelligent auto clean chimneys

Autoclean chimney Built in oven Cooktops Kitchen Chimneys

Kutchina distributor in Hyderabad distributor in Hyderabad. Eight streaks interiors, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Autoclean chimney Built in oven Cooktops Hobs Kitchen Chimneys


Kutchina Hyderabad

Kutchina Hyderabad, Eight streaks interiors, are the Distributors of Kutchina kitchen Appliances in Hyderabad.

We deal in Kutchina Chimneys- Electric chimneys or Kitchen hoods with Autoclean technology.

Kutchina is pioneer in Autoclean chimneys with filterless technology.

They have launched latest “i-clean technology” which cleans by itself detecting the oil level and oil is collected in oil collector.

Kutchina distributor hyderabad

Kutchina chimney under 15000 : Vega 60

Kutchina Vega 60 offer

check Vega 75 and 90 cm chimneys

Autoclean chimney IFB Chimney Kitchen Chimneys

IFB GL-HC 105-90 Autoclean chimney

IFB GL-HC 105-90

  • IFB leader in appliances brand in India has launched Heat autoclean Chimneys in Its range, One of the models is  GL-HC 105-90 with Touch and wave motion technology accompanied by Automatic glass opening. It comes with 5years warranty on whole of the chimney unlike other brands which has warranty only for motor.

 Features :

 Size : 90cm /900mm/ 3feet

 Hand sensor/wavemotion technology

 Heat Autoclean and Filterless Technology

Zonal suction

Suction Power : 1300m3/hr



Autoclean chimney Kitchen Chimneys

kutchina vega 90

kutchina vega 90
Buy Kutchina Vega 90 online
Total Power 298 W
Size 90 Cm
Motor Power 1 X 215 W
Illumination Type 1 X 3 W LED
Auto Clean Type 3rd Gen Dry Auto Clean
Suction Capacity 1200±50m³/Hr
Switch Touch Control
Filter TypeFilterless
Dimension (L X W X H) 900 x 480 x 540 mm
Kutchina vega 90 chimney

Wave sensor Technology

Autoclean chimney Kitchen Chimneys

kutchina chimney vega 75

kutchina chimney vega 75

vega 75

kutchina chimney vega 75 is with 3rd generation dry Auto-clean
Touch control with wavesensor
Noise level : 58dB

Kutchina Vega 75 is a Filterless Chimney with Autoclean technology and Comes with Motion sensor technology and LED Lights and with a Suction of 1200 metre cube per Hour.

Filterless technology enables to get 100% of the effectiveness of the suction and No cleaning hassles

Auto-clean helps in internal cleaning of motor, which removes the hassle of cleaning chimney filter and also increases the life of the chimney and motor, thus reducing the number of times the service required.Hence more money is saved.

Kutchina Vega 75 comes with Motion sensor technology, with just a wave motion chimney switches ON/OFF.

1200M3/Hr Suction power of chimney helps in extraction of fumes, smoke, soot, vapours, odour and oil from the kitchen effectively

Warranty : Kutchina vega 75 comes with the warranty of Lifetme warranty i.e 9years and also with 1year free service which includes 3 free services .

MRP 22990/-
Total Power : 296.5 W
Size : 75 Cm
Motor Power : 1 X 215 W
Illumination Type : 1 X 1.5 W LED
AutoClean Type : 3rd Gen Dry Auto Clean

Suction Capacity : 1200±50m3/Hr
Switch: Touch Control
Filter Type : Filterless
Dimension (L X W X H) 750 x 480 x 540 mm

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Autoclean chimney Kitchen Chimneys


Blackstar 60

Kutchina blackstar chimney
Blackstar 60

Kutchina blckstar 60 chimney, Inclined model with AAutomatic opening and Autoclean technology.

MRP 23990/-
Total Power 184 W
Size  60 Cm
Motor Power 1 X 180 W
Illumination Type 2 X 2 W LED
Auto Clean Type 3RD Gen Dry Auto Clean
Suction Capacity 1250±50m³/Hr
Switch Touch Control
Filter Type Filter less
Dimension (L X W X H) 600 X 390 X 820 mm

Kutchina blackstar is elegant and affordable chimney with 1200m3/hr suction power and comes with Motion sensor technology. It comes with a lifetime warranty and 3 services free in a year.

Best Features :

Auto motion  Hydraulic glass

Wave Sensor

Filterless technology with Autoclean

Blackstar 60

Kutchina blackstar Chimney is available at Distributors of Kutchina at Eight streaks Interiors, Hyderabad and can order online at 8streaks onlinestore . Kutchina blckstar 60 is 60cm or 2feet chimney with motion sensor technology and hydraulic glass and automatic opening and 1200m3/hr suction.Launched at Inr 23990. vailable at discount both at Our store and onlinestore.

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