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Kaff Showroom in Hyderabad

Kaff Showroom in Hyderabad

Kaff Showroom in Hyderabad. Kaff dealers. Kaff Chimneys, hobs, Built in appliances and Cooktops.

Call : 9347604961

Buy kaff Chimney
Kaff Chimney
Call : 9347604961
Kaff Showroom in Hyderabad
Kaff hob
Kaff msm 865

Call : 9347604961

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Elica Showroom in Kukatpally

Elica Showroom in Kukatpally

Elica Showroom in Kukatpally
Efl-s-601 Elica filterless chimney
Efl s 607 Elica Chimney
Elica Showroom Kukatpally
Elica filterless chimney, Available at Eight streaks interiors. Chimney dealers and distributors in Hyderabad.
Best of the brands are available at our showroom at reasonable prices.
Elica Showroom in Kukatpally, Hyderabad
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Best interiors in hyderabad

Best interiors in hyderabad

Best interiors in hyderabad, Eight streaks interiors, Hyderabad. Company is based in Hyderabad with it’s own manufacturing facility, started in 2012 as 8streaks and later registered in 2015 as “Eight streaks interiors” with expansion into various products other than interior designing and execution,

It’s the Authorized dealer and distributor of interior products in Hyderabad in including the well known and reputed brands in the market to cater the interior needs of the customer to become one of the best interiors in hyderabad.

It’s products include :

  • Modular kitchen and wardrobes : under brand “8streaks”
  • Woodwork related works-tv units, dressers, study tables, crockery units, shoerack etc
  • Imported wallpapers of different brands, internationally renown brands
  • Distributor of Kutchina Kitchen appliances
  • Dealer of Ttk prestige-appliances( brand : Prestige)
  • Bajaj small appliances and Electrical products such as fans, coolers, LED products
  • Dealer of Bosch Kitchen appliances
  • Dealer of IFB, GLEN, ELICA and Faber
  • Direct dealer of German brand-Blaupunkt (Chimney, hobs, ovens , dishwasher and built in refrigerator)
  • Springfit mattress
  • Futura Kitchen sinks
  • Hindware sinks
  • Ebco Kitchen accessories and hardware
  • Hettich-Direct distributor (hardware and accessories)
  • Kent water purifier and appliances
  • Havells appliances and Water purifier

Autoclean chimney Built in oven Cooktops Kitchen Chimneys

Kutchina distributor in Hyderabad distributor in Hyderabad. Eight streaks interiors, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Autoclean chimney Built in oven Cooktops Hobs Kitchen Chimneys


Kutchina Hyderabad

Kutchina Hyderabad, Eight streaks interiors, are the Distributors of Kutchina kitchen Appliances in Hyderabad.

We deal in Kutchina Chimneys- Electric chimneys or Kitchen hoods with Autoclean technology.

Kutchina is pioneer in Autoclean chimneys with filterless technology.

They have launched latest “i-clean technology” which cleans by itself detecting the oil level and oil is collected in oil collector.

Kutchina distributor hyderabad

Kutchina chimney under 15000 : Vega 60

Kutchina Vega 60 offer

check Vega 75 and 90 cm chimneys

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Interior designers and decorators in Hyderabad

Interior designers and decorators in Hyderabad

Interior designers and decorators in Hyderabad.We provide 2bhk and 3bhk, villa Interiors, and Interior design and decor services in Hyderabad.

Our Products and Services includes Modular Kitchen, wardrobes and all the wooden furniture manufactured in Our factory and fixed at the site. We deal in different range of products to provide the customer end to end solutions.

Our product range

  • False ceiling
  • Modular kitchens
  • wardrobes
  • Tv units-Hall units
  • crockery units
  • Dressing units
  • Wallpapers
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Wooden flooring
  • Springfit mattresses
  • Large appliances -chimneys, hobs, cooktops, built in ovens, microwaves and Dishwashers
  • Small Appliances-Mixer grinders, kettles, Geysers and all the small appliances and Electricals.
  • we are authorised dealers for Prestige, Bosch, Bajaj, Hafele, Ebco, Hettich and Many more reputed brands.

We are Authorized Diatributors for Kutchina kitchen appliances.

Dealers of Springfit mattresses, range includes-Spring mattresses, Foam, Memory foam and Rebonded foam

We have wide range of Imported Wallpapers with more than 10000 collection to choose from, hence best available options to choose from.

Check out the Website : Eight Streaks Interiors

Check out the appliances : Kutchina distributors Hyderabad

Our Online Store : Buy Kitchen appliances and Home needs online

Our Previous projects

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Cooktops Hobs Hobtop Modular Kitchens Our Products

How to choose a kitchen Hob or Cooking range

How to choose a kitchen Hob


How to choose a kitchen Hob

How to choose a kitchen Hob, There are two types of kitchen hobs available in the market one is Kitchen hob with Brass burners/Indian and other with Aluminium/Eiropean/Italian Burners.

Brass burners are traditionally used in Indian cooktops so the name brass is synonymous with Indian butners. It is an alloy of Copper and zinc and it is More durable and can withstand Very high temperature and Spreads the flame evenly due to Multiple holes(Multi flame). It takes more time to get heated up but reliable and suitable for Indian type of Cooking which involves Deep fry and Tadka.

Bosch kitchen appliances Hyderabad

Aluminium burners are for quick cooking.Gets heated up and cooled quickly, so they are used for their property to quickly cook the food which requires less heating and temperature, as it can withstand less temperature and worn out easily compared to Brass burners.


Brass burners are heavy and consumes more gas, but suitable for Indian cooking and these hobs are Costly compared to Italian Burners.

Aluminium burners are fuel efficient but life is less and Hobs are Economic in pricing.

Autoclean chimney Built in oven Cooktops Hobs Hobtop Our Products

Kutchina Distributors in Hyderabad | Expo in Hitex |CAI 2018

Kutchina Distributors in Hyderabad

Kutchina Distributors in Hyderabad

Kutchina Distributors in Hyderabad | Eight Streaks, Distributors of Kutchina appliances in Hyderabad.Kutchina being the Pioneer in Autoclean technology and the Filterless technolgy in Chimneys Participated in CAI Expo in Hitex on August 17th to 20th August 2018.

Kitchen chimneys ranging from rs.8000 to rs.56000 and Suction power from 800m3/hr to 1600m3/hr has wide range of options and models to choose from and Kutchina offers 1st 3 services free and Exclusively has company operated service center in Hyderabad.

Kutchina Kitchen appliances inclused range of products includes Chimneys, hobs, cooktops, microwave, oven and dishwasher and has edge over other Brands having unique features in every range. Check out kutchina Products

Order Kutchina Online 

Cooktops Hobs Hobtop

Sleek Hob top-Atlas-4 burner Hobtop from Sleek brand

Sleek Hob top-Atlas-4 burner

Sleek Hob top-From Sleek.Model-Atlas with 4burners of Brass and the

unique design which is flat and space-saving gas hob for the Indian market, which can be used as a free-standing or built-in unit.

Sleek Hob top-Atlas-4 burner

Sleek Hob top-Atlas-4 burner-Sleek from Asian Paints.

Atlas 4burner Hobtop

Size-60 cm

Auto Ignition-Battery operated

Burners-2 large and 2 medium

Finish-Toughened Glass

Buy online Sleek 4burner Atlas-Hobtop


Butterfly kitchen cooktops-kitchen appliances

Butterfly kitchen cooktops.
Butterfly has launched trendy Cooktops in to the market. Buy butterfly Cooktops at best prices from Eight streaks Interiors, Hyderabad.
Signature 4burner Butterfly

Signature 3burner Butterfly
Blaze cooktop from butterfly