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How to choose a kitchen Hob or Cooking range

How to choose a kitchen Hob


How to choose a kitchen Hob

How to choose a kitchen Hob, There are two types of kitchen hobs available in the market one is Kitchen hob with Brass burners/Indian and other with Aluminium/Eiropean/Italian Burners.

Brass burners are traditionally used in Indian cooktops so the name brass is synonymous with Indian butners. It is an alloy of Copper and zinc and it is More durable and can withstand Very high temperature and Spreads the flame evenly due to Multiple holes(Multi flame). It takes more time to get heated up but reliable and suitable for Indian type of Cooking which involves Deep fry and Tadka.

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Aluminium burners are for quick cooking.Gets heated up and cooled quickly, so they are used for their property to quickly cook the food which requires less heating and temperature, as it can withstand less temperature and worn out easily compared to Brass burners.


Brass burners are heavy and consumes more gas, but suitable for Indian cooking and these hobs are Costly compared to Italian Burners.

Aluminium burners are fuel efficient but life is less and Hobs are Economic in pricing.

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