Mixer Grinder

Prestige-Ultimate Mixer grinder 750 watts-Stainless steel

Prestige-Ultimate Mixer grinder

Prestige-Ultimate Mixer grinder-Stainless steel body mixer grinder with super look has been launched by Prestige.

Prestige Ultimate mixer grinder 750 watts

Prestige Ultimate Mixer Grinder presents itself with a robust design and powerful performance. It is powered by a 750 watts motor that caters to all your dry and wet grinding needs with ease.

It is a convenient mixer grinder as it comes with a hands-free operation with its advanced lid-locking mechanism.

The protective mechanism of the lid is to ensure not to unlock during operation.

The 3 stainless steel jars with a sparkling mirror finish are a total delight to operate.

The 3 super-efficient stainless steel blades are suited for better and finer grinding. Its appealing design and true versatility make this mixer grinder a go-to appliance to complete chores in your modern kitchen. So make amazing chutneys to suit every palate and fresh ground masalas for your curries.

The same Prestige Ultimate Mixer Grinder takes care of all your grinding needs with an extra-powerful 750 watts motor. It is endowed with all the aforementioned features with its robust functionality.

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